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3D Animation and Graphics for Water Technologies

from Mike Efford Motion Design. 3D animation & graphics since 1994.

  • For Water Technology Innovations of All Kinds

    If your company markets any new technology or product related to water: wastewater treatment solutions, water purification or sterilization systems, water filters, chemicals, pumps, instrumentation, consumer products, anything! you just found a unique marketing resource.

  • Syndicate 3D Animation Content Into Graphics

    Maximum ROI on your 3D animation, by taking the core animation asset and producing a range of content from it: graphics for Powerpoint, trade shows, ads, illustrations, 3D printing, social media and more. 3D animation is far more fertile than most media! Browse the galleries for examples and ideas.

  • Extend the Reach of Your Marketing

    Especially if you are rolling out a new innovation, 3D animation forms a robust epicenter for a marketing campaign. Intrigued? Explore this site and see for yourself the versatility of computer animation for showcasing water technologies.

"Technology acceleration requires a unified effort.
It involves understanding utility and industry needs, and
getting better visibility to best-in-class technologies"

- "a Roadmap for Innovation", WaterTap Technology Acceleration Project conference

See How Water-Tech Companies Are Using 3D Animation:

Mike Efford Motion Design: focus on water-tech animation

Mike Efford Motion Design specializes in helping companies market their water technologies through 3D animation. No other animation studio has this degree of focus on water-tech.

Like all specialties, it's the very top of a large pyramid of experience: after a 19 year career as a designer and illustrator in advertising, I opened Mike Efford Motion Design. Since 1994 I have produced hundreds of animations for technology companies of all kinds, as well as animated motion graphics for a long list of blue chip corporate clients.

Now, I work with a select group of water industry clients to advance technical and product innovations for water, our most precious resource.

A long track record

Mike Efford Motion Design has produced 3D animation work for over 50 companies, including:

U.V. Pure
General Motors
Clearas Water Recovery
Imperial Oil

Royal Bank of Canada
Bank of Montreal
Standard Life Insurance
The Toronto Stock Exchange

Bell International
Campbell's Soup
Sarafinchin Engineering
Aecon Construction

Thane Direct Marketing
The Shopping Channel
Elizabeth Grant International

Feature article by Mike Efford in
Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine:

Bringing Projects to Life

"Using 3D animations can be a powerful tool for engineers to overcome communication barriersand help them explain technical concepts to non-engineers"

See archived CCE article >>

or click the button below to download the PDF:

What clients say about Mike Efford Motion Design:

"Mike Efford Motion Design created a two and a half minute long 3D animation for my company that demonstrated a new water technology to fight forest fires with... His animation sequences realistically visualized a proprietary type of water flow specific to my unique design, and critical to its functionality."

Oubada Hawass, Aerial-X Inc.

What clients say about Mike Efford Motion Design:

"An essential requirement of my work is to communicate to prospective investors and customers an understanding of how complex, future technologies will work, and there is simply no better way to do that than through video animation. The animations that Mike created for me are absolutely first rate and have been extremely effective in my presentations."

John Lert, Alert Innovations Inc.

What clients say about Mike Efford Motion Design:

"Hey Mike, you were on my list of people to email today. GREAT WORK!!! We are incredibly happy about the quality of the CAD video you produced. We were all impressed with your professionalism, timeliness, and creativity in producing video for a very complex system. We can't thank you enough for your efforts."

Travis Joyner, Clearas Water Recovery Inc.

Mike Efford Motion Design

69 Skylark Road, Toronto, Canada M6S 4M5

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