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I believe 3D animation has an important role to play in marketing
water technology innovations worldwide.

I'm Mike Efford, and I'm an animator and graphic designer. I work with a variety of companies, from start-up entrepreneurs to established utilities, from industrial manufacturers to consumer goods marketers, who innovate with water, our most precious resource.

Since I started my animation company Mike Efford Motion Design in 1994, my 3D technical animation work has been used to market hundreds of millions of dollars worth of technology.

If that sounds extravagant, here's an example, reported by the Toronto Star,
Oct 2, 2003: Alcatel (now Thales), a multinational telecom, won a $650 million dollar contract to re-signal the London Tube Subway Lines' Jubilee and Northern lines.

They pitched that technology with a suite of 3D animations and interactive multimedia slides that I created. There have been many others...

Since 1994 I have animated literally hundreds of different products, industrial systems, technologies and ideas. Animations for consumer products that broke sales records, for green technologies that protect our environment, for robotics, for medical devices.

And water technologies. By 2014, after 20 years in business I had created a track record of animation projects featuring such a wide variety of products, systems and graphics involving water, that I decided to specialize.

These days I work with a select group of water industry clients, creating
3D animation videos and an expanding wave of visuals from them.

When I'm not creating, I'm listening to classical music, hiking with my wife Ann and our dog Coco, downhill skiing, sailing, reading, dining out and traveling.

For a full professional and educational CV, visit my LinkedIn page