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These 5 animation galleries demonstrate the versatility of 3D animation for visualizing water technologies of all kinds, from purification systems to consumer products and more. Each individual gallery showcases a collection of animations organized around a single theme, and created over the past 20 years by Mike Efford Motion Design. Click on the buttons or the images to explore the many variations of 3D animation, all related to water-tech in some way. The medium of animation is truly limitless. So get inspired! Have a browse of these examples, then think about the many possibilities of using it to market your innovation.

Water Technology Animations

Water industry applications are the focus here, from a hydro dam to cutting edge bio-reactors and UV purification systems. 3D animation shows structure and process like no other media. If an industrial innovation is difficult to describe or explain, animation is the solution. These animations were designed for presentations in boardrooms, trade shows and public hearings.

Zoomed-In Animations

The ability of 3D animation to zoom in super close and pass right through barriers is the subject of these selections. At the microscopic level, animation can actually orchestrate and choreograph the actions of microbes and bacteria, unlike photo-micrography. Animation brings both narrative and incredible clarity to micro-biology.

Environmental Animations

Much of water technology relates to the environment. This gallery shows a range of scenes where water technologies interface with the earth, from pristine oceans to polluted urban waterfronts, from high overhead views to deep underground. This gallery also involves the integration of live video footage with animation.

Consumer Product Animations

Water technologies include consumer products! And why not, given the universal nature of water? It's a big part of our lives as consumers. So here is a selection of 3D animations concerned with both product and process: from a household vacuum that uses water for filtration and separation, to a child's plastic bath visor, to processes used in purifying water for cosmetics

Logo Animations

Expressing the essence of a company or product abstractly with a graphic logo animation is a challenge that few technical animators do well. It's a specialty of mine, however, and I easily move between technical and graphic animation. Shown here are logo animations related to water and technology. Water is a source of inspiration, too.

Mike Efford Motion Design

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