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H2O Water Vacuum
Steamer Mop Tagline
True Cover Water Purification
Bath Visor
Ultra Hydrating Treatment
Seaweed Processing Lab

Water-tech in broadcast TV: 3D animation
for mass markets

Maximum exposure and cumulative marketing impact.

Water technologies have aggressively migrated to consumer markets, and 3D animation is the perfect "visual sound bite" to demonstrate these clever innovations. The 3D animations in this gallery were conceived initially for broadcast television.

3D animation for consumer products spans a wide range of subject matter, from the actual products themselves to the processing and purification of ingredients. Production length varies considerably, from long-form shopping channel infomercials through to short, high-end prime time TV spots.

These animations are usually designed as technical sub-components of video, more often than as complete stand-alone productions. And they often focus on one feature set or product concept when time is more limited.

Aesthetic appeal is a bigger factor, with high-end product animations for major cosmetic brands, for example. Dramatic beauty shots can make a huge difference in consumer product sales.

Finally, the distinguishing characteristic of these 3D animations is repetition: they are broadcast multiple times over, for maximum exposure and cumulative marketing impact.

Tour these examples to get a sense of the variety of water-tech consumer products marketed very effectively with 3D animation.