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Urban Water Treatment
Glacier Waterfall

Environments: big picture, big vision

The grand sweep of large scale water technologies...

Large scale water technologies are concerned primarily with environments and infrastructure. And absolutely no other visual media has better capacity to handle that scale. These animations give a glimpse of what is possible.

3D animation surpasses even aerial photography and video for its ability to traverse vast distances, and combine the grand sweep with the fast zoom-in and special effects that reveal hidden detail and structure. And in combination with technologies like Google Earth, animation can literally go global in scope.

Large water-tech projects can be visualized before they are built, and even shown in stages as their development is planned in advance of construction. These visualizations can immerse the projects in realistic environments, with cutting-edge landscape/seascape software specifically designed to simulate the natural environment.

The 3D animations here illustrate flexibility across a range of subjects, and through different combinations with live video. Even subterranean environments can be revealed with 3D animation.

Unavailable for display here, but a past project worthy of note was an animation of the coastline of Barbados. It used a geophysical cutaway to illustrate potentially catastrophic effects of wave action erosion in a kind of time – lapse form of animation. Erosion takes many years to affect the earth, but animation can show its destructive power in a way that an audience won’t underestimate its dangers.

The audience included the President of Barbados, and the presentation persuaded him to approve a massive geo-engineering solution.

Is your technology large scale, and does it interface with key features of the environment? Then you ought to seriously consider 3D animation to visualize it.