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Kair Logo Animation
Water Rings
CrossFire Technology Logo

Logo Animations: creative branding for water technologies

The essence of your technology, in 10 seconds...

Question: What is the essence of your technology? There's a challenge for you.

Could you distill the essence of your technology into 10 seconds of pure visual energy? I can. I have animated logos in every way imaginable. They have been featured in broadcast TV, blue chip corporate videos, websites, Powerpoint, social media, and more.

Here's one thing I know after two decades of creating 3D animated logos and graphics:

The more dynamic the production, the more you need to have a strong identity statement at beginning and end... a brief but energetic signature.

A strong identity statement at beginning and end reminds your audience that it's YOUR innovation. So they not only understand how it all works, but who developed it, and who to buy it from. That would be you.

Stand out from the endless noise of new technology that everyone is constantly exposed to with an animated graphic identity.

One that people remember. And respond to. I can not only animate your technology in a clear and memorable way, I can express the essence of it, and your company, in 10 seconds or less of pure visual energy.