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Bioreactor Tube Fly-Through
Hydro Dam
Blend Tank Dive
Intake Pipe Underground Transit
Triple Filtration
Ultraviolet Purification

3D Animation: presentation power for
new water technologies

Narrative capabilities plus unlimited visual scope...

The 3D animations showcased here were developed initially for presentations: in boardrooms, public meetings and trade shows. In-person presentations are not like broadcast media. There, if an initial media exposure doesn't make an impact right away, repetition eventually makes the sale.

Live presentations demand immediate impact. Right away. A challenge for most media. Easy for 3D animation.

Immediate impact is what 3D animation is all about.

What if you knew that one of the most critical segments of an important pitch was going to go perfectly? Exactly as planned. No hesitation, no awkward struggle to explain your innovation to those least likely to "get" it.

More specifically, what if you had an auto-pilot component, ready and fine-tuned in advance? Hit "play", then sit back and watch your audience absorb it, quickly and easily. Maximum reliability.

That's how 3D animation works. It's ideal for water industry technologies, especially new innovations. It's really at its best when used to introduce new concepts and designs. For well-known product categories other media will suffice. But they are a risky choice for presenting innovation.

3D animation offers a proven, unique combination of narrative capabilities plus unlimited visual scope. Browse the examples here and see what you think.