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Seaweed to Serum
BioReactor Tube
Neutrophils Neutralized
Blend Tank Dive

Zoomed-In 3D: animated tours into the micro-scale world

Clarity and narrative, close up...

The animation samples in this gallery zoom us down to the micro-scale world, to examine what the eye and photography cannot see.

Photo-micrography can render photographs of the unseen world, but only 3D animation can dynamically zoom us down into a choreographed sequence of interacting micro-organisms.

The narrative capabilities of 3D animation demonstrate in real time what other media can only offer snapshots of.

As well, the most important parts of some water-tech innovations are small, and sometimes lie deep inside an outer casing, container, or surrounding wall. 3D animation allows one to zoom in quickly through a physical barrier in a way that a real – life camera could not possibly do.  This type of animation can feature just a quick zoom, or the zoom sequence can be one part of a longer animation.

Water technologies almost all deal with microbes, at some level. And no medium brings the kind of clarity and narrative capability that 3D animation can show us in that microscopic, drama-filled world of bacteria.

Water-tech is about process as much as it is about product and design. 3D animation illustrates process with limitless flexibility, even at very small scale.